The legend says that when God distributed the land between the people, he kept for himself a little paradise in the heart of Europe.

Once he finished, he wanted to enjoy the beauty of the earth paradise and rest for while.  But then he felt that his toga was being pulled by the Slovenes, who he had forgotten and were now claiming their land. God apologized, and handed the piece of the World he kept for himself.

Our current offer:


4 days / 3 nights

Walking, cycling, flying, rowing ... Active ways to discover Slovenia.


City break in Ljubljana

4 days / 3 nights


The fabulous mosaic of the Adriatic

9 days / 8 days

Discover four of the countries, that in a not too distant past, composed a single country called Yugoslavia. An unforgettable journey through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. A fabulous mix of different cultures, customs and stunning landscapes.